1.all free function in

2.detail home page

3.detail home page

3.detail card name and detail shop

4.history view page

register and reset password

1.register Member

2.forget password member

post product to website

 1step post by Member

  1.1login Member

  1.3Menu Member

  1.4post by Member

  1.5set status user card

 2Guest post

  2.1Select Menu Sell

  2.2Guest Post Add

  2.3Guest post

tool update product to index page update post to index page

 2.tool updat post

tool buy product on site product

 2.check product in order you

 3.edit shopping address product

tool setup price and setup payment

 1.set payment member

 2.setup cost product and discount cost

 3.change password member

setup product data

 1.product property online with owner product

 3.set position product on google map

 4.add clip youtube to product page deteil